Science & Technology Projects

Science & Technology Projects

Building tomorrow’s science and tech facilities. 

Facilities that focus on science and technology are complex, distinctive and protocol-driven. With intensive Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems and tight deadlines, the stakes are high. We apply our own advanced technology to every project, ensuring a smooth preconstruction planning process and sequencing construction to accommodate the complexity of your build. With our in-house MEP team, we have a proven track record of success building science and technology facilities. McCownGordon has become a trusted partner in these challenging projects.

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medicine factory scientist worker work in Laboratory Plants
Children's Mercy Research Tower (CMRI) Lit Up
Process Tank TFF Filter Skid
Rendering of the CCCC Technical Education and Innovation Center.

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Children's Mercy Research Institute Laboratory Built By McCownGordon

Biosafety Level Laboratories (BSL)

Whether clinical, diagnostic, research or production, BSL spaces require a strict adherence to protocol due to the noxious nature of the agents being developed. If not constructed correctly serious disease or environmental contamination could be a factor. Unidirectional air flow, using room pressure gradients of negative exhaust, and HEPA filtration are just a few of the requirements are teams take into consideration when completing these highly technical spaces.

Clean Rooms

When working in a clean room environment our teams consider a multitude of factors including HEPA filtration, electrostatic discharge, ventilation and makeup air, pressurization, temperature and humidity control. Precise coordination through the design and preconstruction phase ensures each of these elements is in balance and the governing standards and specifications of the concentration of airborne particles is met.

Research & Academic Institutions

Students learn through first-hand experiences. Observation and manipulation foster a deep understanding and appreciation for science and technology. From engineering to chemical to forensics each lab needs to be flexible and adaptable to future technology all while ensuring proper ventilation and vibration isolation to maintain the integrity of the science as well as an optimal learning environment.

Life Sciences

The study of living organisms and life processes has brought some of the world’s most important discoveries to the public. Our team’s experience in biology, plant science and medicinal research labs runs the gamut from learning spaces that fuel the fire for future scientists to production facilities for animal pharmaceuticals that stave off disease. Each of these spaces has intensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems and tight deadlines and all require a specific understanding of the environmental operations. Our team of experts excels on these complex projects that depend upon innovative solutions.

Chirldren's Mercy research tower in Kansas City built by McCownGordon Construction
The Children's Mercy Research Institute is a place that will change the lives of many people, specifically children. The new building is not only a wonderful addition to the KC Skyline, but a place where science will be able to advance. McCownGordon showed a great amount of passion, determination and integrity throughout the whole building process. We are proud to have collaborated with them to bring this revolutionary building to the people of Kansas City and beyond."

— Paul Kempinski

Children's Mercy | CEO

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