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Plan the Work. Work the Plan.

With roots in our core value of performance, you’ll find a commitment to quality assurance and quality control in Dallas-Fort Worth. It’s an integral part of how we work.

A cornerstone of delivering the best building experience, our team’s unwavering dedication and commitment to the constant pursuit of excellence leads to DFW facilities that endure longer with fewer modifications throughout the construction process.

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We set the bar higher every day.

Industry excellence is the result of sincere effort, smart direction and skillful execution.

Our internal quality control department and on-site superintendent take a proactive role in quality management, working collaboratively with our trade partners. They initiate early engagement to improve communication throughout the project, establish quality expectations from the outset and foster a team-oriented mindset to ensure the utmost excellence in delivering projects with the best quality assurance and quality control in our construction projects in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The 3 Phases of Quality Assurance and Quality Control

1. Planning Phase

  • Trade partner qualifications
  • Constructability reviews
  • Preinstallation meetings

2. Construction Phase

  • Mock-ups
  • First-install work
  • Compliance inspections

3. Review Phase

  • Testing and zero-defect policy
  • Commissioning and validation
  • Peer reviews
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