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At McCownGordon, we live our core values of integrity, performance and relationships. Because of that, we prioritize honesty and accountability as we build relationships with our trade partners.

We truly believe everyone on the job has an input and adds value. If you strive to always provide the best building experience, then come work with us on some of the top projects in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prequalification helps us better understand your business so that you get invited to bid work that is well suited to your firm’s operational capabilities and capacity. It also protects the procurement process and our bidders by ensuring all bids are evaluated against qualified and well-equipped sources.

    As a result of our prequalification process, you can look forward to working alongside other safe, reliable and professional trade partners when you win work with us.

  • Prequalifying with McCownGordon is easy and completely online through our website. To get started click here.

    Please note, you will be asked to submit some basic company and contact information, including a W9 for verification prior to receiving access to your company’s prequalification dashboard.

  • You’ll need the following information and documents before you begin the prequalification submission:

    • W9
    • Company contact information
    • Work locations, vertical markets and CSI codes
    • Non-union or union affiliations
    • Completed project references
    • Most recent year-end financial statement
    • EMR & OSHA rates for the last three years
    • Safety manual
    • QA/QC policies
    • Sample insurance certifications
    • Letter of bondability
    • Bonding rate
  • If prequalifying for the first time, please allow for up to 30 minutes to complete the online form. Subsequent annual prequalification updates typically take less than 10 minutes.

  • To maintain an active prequalified status, we request that all submissions are updated at least annually. After your initial submission, you will receive email notifications from our website when it’s time to log back in and provide an update.

  • The trust of our trade partners and our ability to protect your information is critical to maintaining a successful prequalification process. We treat your information with the same respect, care and security as our own.

    Any financial information provided to McCownGordon is further restricted to a select group of risk management associates. This information is used solely for the purposes of evaluating financial capacity, stability and credit quality in conjunction with our sub default protection program.

    For questions regarding the confidentiality of information, please contact our risk management department.

  • Please ensure that your company has an account in BuildingConnected’s contractor network. We use BuildingConnected to manage our bid delivery process, develop bidder lists and communicate with our trade partners about upcoming bid opportunities. For more information on BuildingConnected or to create an account, please visit the BuildingConnected website.

    By prequalifying your company will be added to our list of approved vendors in BuildingConnected.

We couldn't have done it without key trade partners.

Our projects are successful because of you.

From the first thought to final nail

We seek to perform our best on every project and believe the same should be with our trade partners. We work hard to cultivate an integrated environment with everyone involved, resulting in a smooth project from start to finish. We’ve worked with many different trade partners in the past that provided our clients with the best building experience.


"At McCownGordon, we've created a culture based on trust, work ethic and a genuine good time."

– Brett Gordon, Founder

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