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About our Internship Program

A group photo of McCownGordon interns

Construction Internship Program in Dallas-Fort Worth

We’re proud to support the next generation of DFW community leaders.

From the bottom line to the skyline, we offer a range of internship opportunities for those pursuing construction careers. Throughout our construction internship program in Dallas-Fort Worth, students can gain an understanding of everything involved in constructing cities and towns. From hospitals to schools and from high rises to industrial buildings, this internship is a unique chance to explore the possibilities in construction!


Our interns work side-by-side with our team on job sites, in our offices and across the DFW area learning the ins and outs of their chosen profession—along with valuable skills they can take back to the classroom and into the working world.

McCownGordon intern on a jobsite
Marcus Watts
Rachel Leighton, a McCownGordon Construction associate
Alex Wilson, a McCownGordon Construction associate
Justin Jachetta Whitmire, a McCownGordon Construction associate
Ian Fitch, a McCownGordon Construction associate
Jacob Beck, a McCownGordon Construction associate
Lauren Koval, a McCownGordon Construction associate
When I started my summer internship with McCownGordon I instantly became part of the team and gained responsibilities. I learned something new almost every single day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience."

— Emily Sherwood

2015 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2017

My favorite part of my internship was my project team! I've never been in a work place like McCownGordon. I was excited to go to work each day to learn from and work with the awesome people on my job site."

— Marcus Watts

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

My favorite part of my internship was my team! Each and every day someone was willing to take time out of their day to help me learn something new. No matter how many questions I had, there was always someone to lean on."

— Rachel Leighton

2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite memory from the summer was the jobsite tours and interaction with so many different people along the way. I learned so many neat things from the various stages of the jobsites we visited. It really allowed me to retain more from my internship, considering it was in-person experiences in lieu of learning it from a classroom setting."

— Micquille Robinson

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

My favorite element was the team members. I always felt like I was part of the success of the team. Something about McCownGordon just felt different than previous internships."

— Alex Wilson

2020 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2021

My favorite part of our internship program was the various things that I was allowed to see – not only was I able to see every part of my project but with the project tours and presentations I got to see what my peers were working on and what their lessons learned were. I believe the camaraderie and emphasis on intern success is what makes our program so unique. At the end of the day, I always felt supported, welcomed, and put into a position to learn and grow."

— Justin Jachetta Whitmire

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2020

My team cared about my experience and made sure that I was supported and encouraged to try new things every day. I am so grateful to work for a company that cares about me and my development personally and professionally."

— Lauren Franken

2018 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

I believe the reason that makes McCownGordon’s internship program so unique is the impact that interns can make on a project. As an intern you can be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and prove to be a key feature of a team."

— Ian Fitch

2019, 2020 & 2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite part of the internship program was being surrounded by friendly faces every day. The associates at McCownGordon made me feel welcome and excited to come to work. The internship felt like I was a part of team with a bigger mission than just fixing computers. The reason I was here was because I wanted to improve the lives of our associates. This purpose drove me to push myself to provide the best IT support possible and to soak up knowledge from my coworkers.  By gaining this knowledge and drive, I set myself up for success. This was further assisted by the numerous one-on-one meetings with my supervisor, career conversations, and daily support from my coworkers."

— Jacob Beck

2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

McCownGordon’s internship program was an awesome way to get hands-on experience while learning more about the company and the industry as a whole. My favorite part was forming relationships with the other interns and McCownGordon associates, many of which I am still working with or keep in touch with today! The people at McCownGordon make all the difference, and that’s one of the many things that set us apart. I’ve loved building my career here, and am excited to see what the future holds!"

— Lauren Koval

2016 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2017

Internship Highlights

McCownGordon interns at the KC office
McCownGordon Construction interns at orientation
Group photo of McCownGordon interns at the KC office
McCownGordon interns on a jobsite
McCownGordon intern at a jobsite
McCownGordon interns at a jobsite