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The right technology allows owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to make the most informed decisions for project success.

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Construction can be an overwhelming process. That’s why you need a firm that actively listens and prioritizes your needs.

McCownGordon employs cutting-edge digital tools for effective communication, enhancing value across the entire project duration.

Our VDC team streamlines the process, enabling clients to achieve time and cost savings. One of their hallmarks is clash detection, where they create a virtual mode of the building before we ever move dirt. This helps manage risk and reduces issues in construction. Our cutting-edge digital tools enhance value across the entire project duration, minimizing costs, time and waste, while enhancing efficiency and quality.

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A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing at plans on a screen during a meeting in the office

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By harnessing technology, our expert team ensures a seamless and uncomplicated construction process. Enhanced collaboration is facilitated by mobile technology, drone imaging, 360-degree cameras, laser scanners, cloud computing and building information models (BIM).

These tools facilitate communication between architectural design intent models from our design partners and construction content models from our trade partners throughout the project’s life cycle, involving BIM-based estimates, 3D clash/coordination meetings and BIM-to-field solutions. Our continuous effort to stay ahead of technological advancements for virtual design and construction in Dallas-Fort Worth aims to deliver increased efficiencies and benefits for our clients.

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