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Construction Scheduling in Dallas-Fort Worth

Saving time. Ensuring accuracy. Maximizing value.

At McCownGordon, we understand limited time and funds are variables that can hurt your construction project. That’s why we have a team of scheduling experts to seek creative solutions when it comes to your project timeline.

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Meeting & exceeding expectations.

At McCownGordon, we know that delivering your project on time is an effective cost-control strategy. We were one of the first in our industry with multiple AACE Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) schedulers on staff to support teams.

A PSP, or proficient planning and scheduling professional, possesses advanced expertise in project planning, as well as the development, monitoring, updating, forecasting and analysis of integrated project schedules. Effective communication with all project stakeholders, both internal and external, is a hallmark of a PSP. Leveraging our team of devoted experts enables us not only to meet but surpass your expectations.

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Leaders in construction scheduling.

We prevent tomorrow’s problems by planning today.

Managing your time is equally crucial as managing your finances for a construction project. Once the project scope is determined, we create the master project schedule. We continually assess this schedule to discover improved pathways, whether by overlapping design and construction phases, resequencing or other strategies. Numerous schedule optimizations not only lead to a faster, more efficient turnover of your space but also yield cost savings.

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Your team of experts.

Recognizing the multitude of priorities you face as an owner, we know it’s essential to have a trustworthy firm that remains on course and accomplishes the task. At McCownGordon, our team of experts is committed to streamlining construction scheduling in Dallas-Fort Worth as part of our mission to provide the ultimate building experience.

Project schedules, created in Microsoft Project, undergo weekly updates by the project team. Each task in the schedule is allocated to the appropriate trade partner using a custom code. This code enables us to track a trade partner’s tasks across all McCownGordon projects. Our team proactively assesses current commitments and addresses staffing concerns before they escalate, a critical practice for minimizing risks and ensuring adequate manpower, especially in a tight labor market.

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