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Collaborate early for the best results.

DFW design-build construction provides a reliable, collaborative approach to construction project delivery.

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Design-build, a common construction project delivery method, encompasses an increasing number of projects annually. The capacity for collaboration during the design build process marks the key distinction between this construction delivery method and the design-bid-build approach.

With your design-build construction project in Dallas-Fort Worth, a construction manager, trade partners and architects collaborate seamlessly towards a shared objective without the more common communication constraints. With a design-build approach, McCownGordon can establish a guaranteed maximum price for your project earlier in the process, minimizing the likelihood of changes during construction. This approach also provides flexibility in overlapping project phases, contributing to a condensed schedule and increased overall value.

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At McCownGordon, helping our customers is of the utmost importance. We do anything we can to clear up misconceptions to make the building process as stress-free as possible. In the Dallas-Fort Worth market, design-build construction is the delivery method for a growing percentage of construction projects.

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Reduce costs and risks.

1. Deliver Projects Faster

Designing and building are done concurrently, allowing the construction team to provide feedback to the architects regarding costs and schedule. Architects, in turn, provide the construction team with progress drawings, quicker changes and other information that informs the build. This exchange of information makes it easier for the entire team to quickly understand potential changes and to make adjustments earlier in the process.

2. Save on Costs

Effective team synergy among the owner, designer and builder often contributes to decreased costs or additional scope. A design build delivery method, coupled with transparent, open book contracting terms, mean you understand exactly where your dollars are going every step of the way. By engaging the construction manager early in the process and working collaboratively as a team, owners often gain significant cost savings over a hard bid approach.

3. Reduce Risk to Owners

Because Design-Build results in a single contract with the construction manager, you reduce your risk. The construction manager contracts with the architect and trade partners, taking on the risk and managing the collaborative process. The transfer of risk, teamwork and open communication make this a popular approach for many owners in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Two McCownGordon associates collaborating on a construction site
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